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Rasprava is a social group for people who like to read, and discuss topics of importance in person.

While the emphasis is on books, we welcome events of any type, and you are free to create your own events, as well as communicate with any of the members.

Rasprava is a selective group, of relatively small size. We'd rather a small group of high quality than a large group of mediocre or low quality.

If you think Rasprava might be for you, please sign up.

No events at the moment. Please try back later.

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Rajiv email - San Francisco
profession: Engineer
interests: current events, martial arts, public speaking, blogging, Economics, Psychology, Philosophy
Eva email - San Francisco
profession: retired, was professional dancer
interests: World History, European History, Ballet, Dance, Music, Art, Historical Mysteries, Animals, Wildlife, Other Countries.
Colette email - Marin
profession: Pilot
interests: Flying, biking, hiking, rowing, calling moose (but sometimes all you get is a grizzly bear or a pack of wolves).
Robin email - Palo Alto
profession: Retired
interests: Reading, author talks, lectures, travel, African cultures, indie/foreign films, live performances at small venues, connecting with others in person, ethnic cooking.
Christine email - Palo Alto
profession: secretary
interests: animal behavior, geniuses, nutrition, Christianity, personal improvement, human nature
Toni email - Oakland
profession: sexuality educator, public speaker
interests: gardening, spending time in nature, reading, discussing interesting ideas and concepts, saving the environment
Chelsea email - Oakland
profession: Physics Student
interests: Science, space, technology, advancement, literature, life, philosophy, existence, clouds, food, cooking, mathematics, ADHD, psychology
Tim email - San Mateo
profession: Paralegal
interests: Reading primarily fiction, especially classics, writing, swimming, cycling, cooking.
Robert email - San Francisco
profession: real estate broker
interests: read all types of subject matter, travel, golf, hiking, museums, film, like to do green ecology benifits, discussing plans to enjoy life more
Irene email - Oakland
profession: mental health professional
interests: reading both fiction and non-fiction books, improving my writing skills, mindfulness, watching documentaries, yoga